Funny little thing called “Trust”

Over a lunch of about 1.5 hours, my niece-in-law has called her husband on his mobile 4 times and on many occasions, was busy replying text messages while we were supposed to be eating and chatting away. Each and every one of the conversations started with the same lines, “Where are you now? What are you doing?”, and ended with the same line too — “Call me when you’re there.” My husband and I exchanged a few meaningful glances and he decided to cut short the lunch meeting. We paid the bill, said our goodbyes and headed for the hotel carpark.

Back in the car, he obviously was not too happy about what just happened.

“Was it just me or was it Amelia who’s not being very focused on lunch? Was the food lousy?” “No it wasn’t you. The food was good.” There’s really no need to rub more salt onto the wound, literally.

“So what’s with all the phone calls and text messaging? That’s quite disrespectful, I think. And why so insecure? I’d be mad if I was the husband.” Exactly why I never bothered to call and check on my husband’s whereabouts when he’s out, because I know he HATES it.

“You know, younger generations with their phones and gadgets.” Lousy excuse, but I really couldn’t find a better one at that moment.

“How can a relationship work when there’s absolutely no trust between them?” My husband, suddenly sounding like the relationship expert he never was.

“Every relationship works in different ways, and Danny (Amelia’s husband) doesn’t seem to mind. Maybe that’s just their way of communicating with each other or showing concern.” L-A-M-E.

“No it’s not. It’s just not right, they are both adults and one doesn’t check on another adult in the manner that she did. That’s just crossing the line. And I’m not even talking about privacy and not trusting her husband at all. You’ve never called and checked on me so does that mean you care less about me?” Another point to the hubs. I’m really making myself look bad today.

“I don’t call and check on you because I trust you. I trust that you’re a rationale adult, a responsible husband and a loving father. I trust that you know your boundaries and you have never failed me.” Best comeback E-V-E-R!

“That’s exactly my point. Something must have happened between the two of them, because I never recall Amelia being so insecure ever. I hope it’s nothing serious between them.” “Trust them to handle it between the both of them, ok?” My husband can be a little nosy at times.

“Yeah, they should. By the way thanks for having so much trust in me.” Awww…

“You’re welcome. Since I was the one who programmed your phone contacts, why should I be worried…?”

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One Response to Funny little thing called “Trust”

  1. You’re funny;-) Thanks for sharing.


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