“How do I… …” A stay-at-home-mom’s unheard voice

How do I refrain
From feeling a little overwhelmed at times
From hearing what others say about my choices
From thinking how vulnerable my position is;
And saying out loud what I really feel inside

How do I contain
My frustrations when everyone has different expectations
My anger when people choose to judge me
My disappointment when no one appreciates what I sacrificed;
And my fear that I might just end up with nothing

How do I remain
Calm when everyone points their fingers
Energetic when my work is endless
Upbeat when all I hear is blaming;
And supportive when I am not supported

How do I regain
The confidence that made me who I was
The courage that brought me to this leap of faith
The strength that pulled me through thick and thin;
And the voice in me that used to be so loud and clear

How do I explain
That some time and space is all I ask for
That an occasional compliment would make my day
That a little more understanding would keep me going;
And then what the world thinks doesn’t matter anymore

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One Response to “How do I… …” A stay-at-home-mom’s unheard voice

  1. Pauline says:

    Your poem touched my soul deeply…nice one! :)

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